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Cost Consultancy

Cost management and control services

D&A Consult works to achieve viable developments which capture client objectives through value-driven and efficient designs. Costs are controlled through rigorous change management and risk management processes and reporting. In addition to ensuring cost control is achieved throughout the project cycle by placing the adequate control tools and measures that ensures achievement of the required expectations.

Along with our extensive experience and specialist knowledge of end markets and building types, enable us to accurately advise on the cost implications of our clients’ requirements. Successful cost management requires the adopt ion of optimum procurement strategies, designed to balance the conflicting requirements of risk, certainty, speed, design, quality, budgets and benefits.

Our cost management / control services include:

  • Benchmarking and efficiency studies
  • Cash flow management
  • Change management
  • Cost modelling
  • Cost management (Civil & MEP cost services)
  • Escrow fund/account management
  • Procurement advice and documentation
  • Project cost management
  • Strategic cost planning and estimating
  • Value engineering / Peer Review / Cost Optimization
  • Whole-life cost advice