Founded in 2013, D&A Consult is a leading consultancy that delivers creative, customized solution to a vast portfolio of clients. We offer contract management and cost solution services and as well as quantity surveying all through the facet of a given project. We work closely with clients and other consultants to insure crucial and correct decisions are made at the right time across the projects lifecycle.

Core Values

At D&A Consult, our culture and value as a company is highly clarified by our key values which we strongly uphold on our day-to-day decision making. These key values, which are highly esteemed by all members of D&A team as the bed-rock of our cultural existence and our continuous accomplishment, are as follows:

  • Client Focus: D&A Consult is well reckoned with among clients for its vast experience, great market knowledge, professionalism, expertise, dependability, and exceptional customer’s relationship in delivering unique and satisfactory services; helping clients in decision making processes.
  • Team Members: Our exceptional team members are the life and blood of our great organization. The great efforts of our team coupled with our experiences have made D&A successful. Being aware of this, our employees undergo a comprehensive recruitment process which provides us with the very best of people. We champion a strong and advantageous atmosphere which greatly enhances personal and professional growth thereby enhancing our long-term loyalty.
  • Diligence: Diligence is at the core of what we do and is applied to all aspects of our operations, we provide a high quality and thorough service making sure that all aspects of the project are tackled accordingly.
  • Authenticity: We pride ourselves on being original and coming up with creative and customized solutions to suit our client’s needs; this has therefore been our drive to our industry.